This is a field map for a landscape of books, a topography of words.


As a collector of various objects, writings, and ideas, Tim Jetis had amassed words, quotes, lists, and interconnected ideas over 25 years of absorbing literature and observing what we do. 

The genesis of ‘A Meeting of Words’ came to light through a conversation and subsequent collaboration with Theo Pettaras, from Digitalpress. Their focus was to use the strength of topography, visuals and print to showcase this work and preserve the timeless stories and cultural narratives. 

The key themes are explored through 28 art prints. The exhibition provided a preview for audiences to immerse themselves with a more in-depth engagement to the concepts.

These curated stories and speeches are signposts to who we are and despite this information age, they are largely hidden or obscure. This project is aiming to unite them with a new audience through transformative and inspirational Typography and Design. 

The focus on the need for our democracy to be maintained with scrutiny, critique, clarity of purpose and sometimes the need to say NO and resist. We have to be forthright in our actions, create with dignity and act with empathy.

The exhibition / book will travel to regional centres over the next year using experimental mediums to communicate its themes to multiple audiences. The next stages will include exploring VR and touring to libraries, a new iteration of the book, and a new series of art prints exploring another set of books. These all form part of an educational approach to the material.

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“Any fact becomes important when it’s connected to another. The connection changes the perspective; it leads you to think that every detail of the world, every voice, every word written or spoken has more than its literal meaning, that it tells us of a Secret.”
-Umberto Ecco’s Foucault’s Pendulum

Exhibited at the Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst, 2016


First Iteration - A Meeting of Words

The first stage of this project was the printing of the book 'A Meeting of Words'. We were excited this was a huge success and we sold out of the first limited edition. We are currently in the process of adapting the book further and look forward to the second edition later in the year. In the meantime, the collection of art prints featured in the book are doing well and for sale at the shop. Also in development is a set of collaborative projects taking the themes to varied audiences.