This ongoing project is a celebration of books and an exposition of words that have changed history, illuminating the heights and depths of the human spirit. At a prescient time where civil disobedience and unrest are on the rise globally, this project reconnects to a collection of books, speeches, extracts, artworks and curiosities, delivering timely glimpses of the power of words and print.

This is the first iteration of this set of books and speeches, which in their own way have altered the world, and here have been interpreted through a printed book and a series of 28 art prints. These works depict a selection of some of our favourite books and political speeches and we want to share them to encourage people to read, to have conversation and to be transformed.  

We curated Martin Luther King, Emily Pankhurst and Henry David Thoreau, adding weight to free speech, and authors including Calvino, Kundera, Levi and Borges who have framed the world in their own unique and ingenious ways. What they have in common is their vision and exemplary courage in a shared concern for democracy and freedom. These art prints encourage further enquiry into these and other books, and endeavour to ignite our imagination.

It is important to share those touchstones that enrich our perspectives. These books reveal our human values and spread ideas to give voice to those subtle insights we all share and importantly, it opens conversation.
There is a need to debate in this age of drastic change, to be in control of what is emerging by empowering the audience with tools to question the world around them. To make good choices requires us to be better informed. This is a well-established principle of democracy so that we can be in control of our destiny.